Estas son las películas de Stan Laurel en solitario (sin Oliver Hardy). Para la filmografía completa de Laurel y Hardy, véase filmografía de Laurel y Hardy.

1917 Editar

  • Nuts in May (as Stan Jefferson)

1918 Editar

  • Hickory Hiram
  • Whose Zoo?
  • Phoney Photos
  • Huns and Hyphens
  • No Place Like Jail
  • Bears and Bad Men
  • Just Rambling Along
  • Frauds and Frenzies
  • O, It's Great to Be Crazy

1919 Editar

  • Do You Love Your Wife?
  • Hustling for Health
  • Hoot Mon!

1921 Editar

  • The Rent Collector (2 reels, Vitagraph)

1922 Editar

  • Mixed Nuts
  • The Egg
  • The Weak-End Party

1923 Editar

  • The Garage
  • When Knights Were Cold
  • The Handy Man
  • The Noon Whistle
  • White Wings
  • Under Two Jags
  • Pick and Shovel
  • Collars and Cuffs
  • Kill or Cure
  • Gas and Air
  • Oranges and Lemons
  • Short Orders
  • A Man About Town
  • Roughest Africa
  • Frozen Hearts
  • The Whole Truth
  • Save the Ship
  • The Soilers
  • Scorching Sands
  • Mother's Joy

1924 Editar

  • Smithy
  • Postage Due
  • Zeb vs. Paprika
  • Brothers Under the Chin
  • Near Dublin
  • Rupert of Hee Haw (aka Coleslaw or Rupert of Cole Slaw)
  • Wide Open Spaces (aka Wild Bill Hiccup)
  • Short Kilts
  • Mandarin Mix-Up (aka Madam Mix-up)
  • Detained
  • Monsieur Don't Care
  • West of Hot Dog

1925 Editar

  • Cowboys Cry for It
  • Somewhere in Wrong
  • Twins
  • Pie-Eyed
  • The Snow Hawk
  • Navy Blue Days
  • The Sleuth
  • Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde
  • Half a Man

1926 Editar

  • What's the World Coming To? (uncredited)
  • Get 'Em Young
  • On the Front Page

1927 Editar

  • Seeing the World
  • Eve's Love Letters
  • Now I'll Tell One

1928 Editar

  • Should Tall Men Marry?

Referencias Editar

  • McCabe, John. (1990). The Comedy World of Stan Laurel. Beverly Hills, Calif.: Moonstone Press. ISBN 0-940410-23-0. 

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